Up The Mountain Blog

The Objective

Design and code an online blog website for teenage boys who race mountain bikes in the Sacramento area. Delveriables were a splash page, blog list page, and individual article page. 

The Solution

The goal for this blog website, Up the Mountain, was to attract an audience of teenage males, aged 14–18, who are mountain bike enthusiasts. The idea behind this website was that it would be a place for like minded individuals to find information on trails, tips on the sport, equipment advice, and information on bike maintenance. Essentially, the website was a place to compare and contrast articles in each categories. Because of this, I decided to focus on contrast in the design. The dark imagery compared to the light content and colors is an example of this. The photos all have a dark brown shade overlaid to allow them to fall back in hierarchy. Because the content is so important, color played an equally important role to contrast. In western culture, blue represents the qualities of Up the Mountain’s target audience; determination, spirit, and ambition. The green and the yellow represent nature and the environment that people ride in, to make them feel right at home on this website.