Seth Curry Foundation Website 

The Objective

Quickly design the foundation website for the Dallas Maverick's point guard, Seth Curry. Website deliverables include the following pages: home, about, philanthropy, donate, gallery, and contact.  Turn around time for the design portion of the project was one week. 

The Solution

The goal of the Seth Curry Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged children and give them the necessary tools to succeed in their futures.  With that being said, the goal of this website was to create a design that demonstrated the foundations dedication to creating a positive future for those in need. Arrows are used throughout the design to depict this theme of forward progress. All of the arrows point to the right to symbolize that no matter what point one is at in their life, everyone has the ability to move forward. Blue was not only chosen because of its relation to the Dallas Maverick's but also because, in western culture, it is commonly associated with trust, dependability, and security. Logos, photos, videos, and content were provided by the client or created by other members of the Blanket Marketing Group team. I do not own the rights to any of the previously listed items. I designed this project at Blanket Marketing Group.