City Bound Magazine

The Objective

Create a higher quality, quarterly publication that rotates in subject matter highlighting the culture of the greater Sacramento area for a local weekly paper. In a small team, we determined the appropriate target audience based on research of the greater Sacramento area, defined the aesthetics of the magazine, and created the content. Our team designed quarterly publications on beverages in Sacramento. Each person interviewed a local business owner and wrote a corresponding article. Individually, each designer was responsible for designing a magazine with a minimum of five articles and three advertisements. 

The Solution

Through research, our team determined that Sacramento is well on its way to being known as “the city.” In the past, when one said, “I am going to the city,” it was assumed they were traveling to San Fransisco. However, Sacramento has a driving force of citizens dedicated to changing that assumption. Sacramento is increasingly becoming a destination spot for social and cultural events, and to reinforce and emphasize this trend we named our magazine, City Bound. The design of this magazine has a very distinct grid and main flow line. Because a flow line acts as a thread to take the reader from start to finish, I decided to make that the main focus in my design. The flow line is a little over three inches from the top and content I felt necessary to highlight typically starts along the flow line. Bar elements filled with color or photographs were used as a consistent design element to unify each article. To create a clear and easy way to navigate City Bound, there is a larger margin on the far right than any other margin. Nothing bleeds into this space which allows the page number to be easily located.