Gig Posters

The Objective

Design gig posters for various artists performing in the Sacramento area. The concept behind these posters was to create a design that identified with the artists style. Each poster represents the mood and feel of the artists music. 

The Solution

This poster was for legendary artist Prince as part of a concert series for recently passed artists. I took inspiration from one of his most popular songs during his career, Purple Rain, by using the purple color and water texture throughout this poster. 

Explosions in the Sky.
This poster was designed for instrumental rock band, Explosions in the sky. Their music has a very calm and mellow vibe, yet their name contradicts that with the word explosions. I came up with the concept for this piece by taking their name quite literally. I created the illustration of the butterflies bursting into the sky to convey their name and musical vibes. 

Fitz and the Tantrums.
This poster was designed for indie pop band, Fitz and the tantrums. Their current marketing as a band is very vibrant and neon. I designed this poster in cyan, magenta, and white to keep with their vibrant aesthetic. I chose 100% cyan and magenta with the idea that this poster would be screen printed to get the brightest colors possible and mass production.

Charles Bradley.
This poster was for American funk, soul, and R&B singer, Charles Bradley. His music is so full of raw emotion and honesty. The songs can be sad at times but they never fail to make me feel warm on the inside. I chose the orange and tan colors because in Western culture, orange typically represents warmth and mellow. Also, this poster consists of multiple lines representing the many directions his music takes listener's emotions.