Fremont Presbyterian Informational Booklet 

The Objective

Design an informational booklet for congregation members of the Fremont Presbyterian Church. Booklet was to highlight the different programs the church offered and organized into different categories depending on where one was at in their spiritual journey. 

The Solution

Fremont Presbyterian Church is located in Sacramento, CA and is deeply connected with its surrounding community. As stated above, the client wished to create organized informational document to grow their church community and class attendance. The client wanted the document to reflect the city it resides in, with a common theme of personal and communital growth. Being that Sacramento is the city of trees and trees have their own growth journey, the correlation between the clients desired theme and connection to the community was created. The booklet was also separated into four different categories: seed, sapling, shade, and sower. Seed being the beginning of ones journey with god and sower being so far along in ones journey that can guide others. I designed the four icons to be colored coated so that they are easily recognizable in the cart seen later on in the book. The ringed circles seen throughout the publication symbolize the rings around a tree thus hinting back to the booklets main theme. Church logo, photos, and content were provided by the client, free stock photos, or created by other members of the Blanket Marketing Group team. I do not own the rights to any of the previously listed items. I designed this project at Blanket Marketing Group.