Food Safety PSA Posters

The Objective

Design a set of public services announcement posters that promote food safety. 

The Solution

My focus for these posters was to educate people on correct food preparation and best safety practices for left overs. Through research, I discovered there was a lack of knowledge for food preparation and safe left overs. Because of this, I designed each poster toward a different audience. The first poster was aimed at mothers, with young kids, that cook meals for the families. The second poster, I targeted teens/young adults, who don’t cook their own meals, and are often left home alone to eat left overs. My research consisted of mind mapping nouns, adjectives/adverbs, verbs, and metaphors related to food safety. Some of the main words I choose were: food, safety, emergency, immune system, preparation, bacteria, contamination, wash, freeze, cook, chill, thawing, uncooked, dangerous, left overs, and responsible. These are the words that influenced my design decisions for my final posters.