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Kick'n It Event Displays 

The Objective

Create a series of displays that can travel to different events for the non-profit sneaker foundation Kick'n It. 

The Solution

Kick'n It is a foundation dedicated to providing shoes for those in need by bringing people together through pop culture and sneakers. The "vibes" were very important to the client in this project. When you walk into a sneaker store, it's cool, the shoes pop off the walls, and the music is hip. This creates a very distinct vibe. With that in mind, I designed the background of the posters in a dark red and black to let the content pop off the page just as shoes would in a store. The hand written font was used to make the viewer to feel more relaxed and comforted. 

The images used in the background of each poster are very specific to that posters message. For instance, the photo in the "Kicks. Philanthropy. Culture." poster, is from an philanthropic event from the previous year and the photo in the "Bang Bang Ball" poster is a group of basketball players playing Bang Bang Ball with lucky winners! Logo, photos, and content were provided by the client or created by other members of the Blanket Marketing Group team. I do not own the rights to any of the previously listed items. I designed this project at Blanket Marketing Group.