Dorothea Lange Photo Brochure

The Objective

Design a brochure showcasing the work of photographer, Dorothea Lange. 

The Solution

Dorothea Lange was most known for her depression era photography during the 1930’s. Many of her photographs displayed the hardships of the Great depression.  Through research, I discovered photographs depicting children and families looking happy that I had never seen before. I decided to use her happier work for this brochure to showcase photographs that were lesser known. As an addition task, I decided to use photos that were almost all taken in California. As for design, I used my knowledge of color theory to display traits. I chose purple because, in design theory, it signifies creativity and compassion. Dorothea displayed her compassion for children through her dedication to photographing their smiles. Also, at this time in history most people were photographing hardships only. The purple displays the creative approach she had in seeking out happiness during hard times.