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Brewed Awakening Brand Identity 

The Objective

Create a new brand identity for Brewed Awakening with a small team.

The Solution

Brewed Awakening is a coffee shop local to the Berkley community and located across the street from UC Berkley. In order to get a full understanding of the direction the Brewed Awakening team desired for their rebrand, a small team and I traveled to Bay area to preform three branding exercises with them. Through these exercises we discovered that the Brewed team wanted a brand identity and logotype that was symmetrical, told the backstory of the company, had a strong connection to its geographical location (i.e. the college), embodied minimalism, and could be used as a mark, logotype, and combination mark.

The final logo was designed by my colleague, and is in the shape of an abstract bell to represent the iconic bell tower on UC Berkley's campus. Inside of the mark, we see the Milk crate with shoes on top of it . This part symbolizes their backstory and because of its ambiguity, it can be used as a conversation starter between employees and customers.

My individual contribution to this brand identity, was to give detailed notes on discoveries during the brand exercises to the my fellow colleague, create an overall mood for the brand, provide critique, design the website, and manage the project to ensure all deliverables were completed on time. 

I picked dark blue for the main color of the brand identity because, in western culture, it is commonly associated with trust and dependability. I wanted customers, especially college students, to feel like they could depend on Brewed Awakening. The secondary colors, taupe and brown, were picked to represent the coffee beans. 

The website was designed with an appreciation for photography and minimalism. While being relatable to Brewed's strong college clientele is shown in the logo, company professionalism is displayed through the simplicity of this website. The combination of these two create a unique vibe that accurately represents Brewed's culture. 

Logos, photos, videos, and content were provided by the client or created by other members of the Blanket Marketing Group team. I do not own the rights to any of the previously listed items. I designed this project at Blanket Marketing Group.