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PR Packet

Farmology Brand Identity

The Objective

Create an interactive museum with a small team of designers. As a team, we developed a museum concept that would be relevant to the Sacramento area, points of distinction, audience demographics and pyschographics, competitive audit, and a mood. Individually, each designer was responsible for designing a museum logo, letterhead system, public relations system, restaurant identity, and an interactive exhibit identity.  

The Solution

Our team created an interactive museum that focuses on local agriculture of the Sacramento region and emphasizes our regions growing farm-to-fork culture.  Our target audience was families, with children, who are kindergarten through twelfth grade students, and are interested in local foods and the outdoors. Through research, we discovered the approach to preexisting agriculture museums needed to be redirected. Instead of being directly hands on with the farming process, we created a technologically advanced museum that focused on the science aspect of farming in a fun environment. We came up with the name Farmology because it simple states what we are, the study of farms. The restaurant I developed is called, City of Forks. I came up with it’s name by playing off of the idea that Sacramento is the city of trees. I created the exhibit, Fruit cycle, to focused on cycle fruit goes through before being eaten. It is powered by a stationary bike and a way for kids to understand this cycle. My mark represents the cycle you watch in the video and the action you preforms on the stationary bike to power the video.