An American In Paris
Play Postcards

The Objective

Create a three postcard series that promotes the musical An American in Paris. Postcards are to be distributed a month apart and should fit into a system. 

The Solution

An American in Paris is about an American artist who falls in love with a ballerina named Lise, despite her being engaged to his close friend, Henri. Themes of this play are war, love, and commitment. I decided to focus on the aspect of love in my design of these postcards. Flowers in many cultures are a universal sign of affection. To make the paper look as if it were the center of a rose, I photographed rolled sheets of paper under spot lights. Then I took those shots and overplayed them using various blending modes to create the final pieces. Paper was used instead of a flower to keep the design from being too over coated. The blue postcard was designed to go out first, the gray second, and the red third to eventually create the French flag.